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Seniors Health Watch – August 24, 2012

John Dingell, who helped pass Medicare, warns against returning to days of seniors without health care ( ‘Mediscare’ Tactics ( Ryan Health Care Plan Gives Seniors Less Than Congress ( Affordable Care Act Great for Seniors ( Wizzcare launches India’s First Comprehensive Senior Home Health Care … – Equity Bulls ( Owens works senior vote […]

Seniors Snowbirds – August 6, 2012

Motor home explosion at Snowbird ( Senior Concierge in Delaware – Monitoring and Securing the Snowbirds’ Second Nests ( Celebrated Snowbird commander to fly vintage jet ( Giving Snowbirds a Superior How to Rent Experience is the Driving Force Behind The Snowbird Company’s New Brand ( Snowbirds: Northern Exposure. ( Snowbirds Invited to Flock to The Snowbird Company’s […]

Recreation for Seniors

As Computers Evolve, Tutoring Seniors Must Also Evolve – But How? ( Play and Recreation Time with the Grandkids ( Police warn seniors of Bank Investigator scam ( The Perks of Growing Older ( Seniorfest provides fun and games for the “young at heart” ( SPAR has summer senior programs ( Rescue Alert of California™ […]

Seniors Health

With Alzheimer’s, hospital stays can be risky ( The Prison Health Care Plan For Senior Citizens ( Health Tip: Help Prevent Malnutrition in Seniors ( The Enigma of Early-Onset Dementia ( Care for some seniors outdated, doctor says ( MindStart Products Keep People with Dementia Active ( Review launched into choking death of dementia patient […]

Elder Abuse

Presidential Proclamation — World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 2012   ( Press Release by The White House – 6/14/12 Every American deserves the chance to live out the full measure of their days in health and security.  Yet, every year, millions of older Americans are denied that most basic opportunity due to abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  […]

Living in a Retirement Community

How To Choose A Retirement Community  ( Choosing a retirement community is a  very important decision and not one to take lightly. There are many factors that  you should take into account, some more important than others. Of course, each  factor’s importance varies from person to person. This article aims to provide  you with a […]