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Elder Abuse

Presidential Proclamation — World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 2012   (pattidudek.typepad.com)

Press Release by The White House – 6/14/12

Every American deserves the chance to live out the full measure of their days in health and security.  Yet, every year, millions of older Americans are denied that most basic opportunity due to abuse, neglect, or exploitation.  On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we call attention to this global public health issue, and we rededicate ourselves to providing our elders the care and protection they deserve.  More  >

Elder abuse target of UN campaign (examiner.com)

Man Who Has Pension Cut after Conviction Claims ‘Elder Abuse’ (jdjournal.com)

Spotting, Stopping & Understanding Elder Abuse (praisecharlotte.com)

Q/. What is Elder abuse (ffeirio.wordpress.com)

Court Hears Mickey Rooney Elder Abuse Case (lawprofessors.typepad.com)

Elder abuse case in Lincoln County exposes pattern of abuse, manipulation (bangordailynews.com)

Attorney Dedicated to Stopping Elder Abuse Wins ‘Genius Grant’ (lawprofessors.typepad.com)

Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse | cnbnews.net (gloucestercitynews.net)

Protect Yourself from Elder Abuse (rickmorey.wordpress.com)

New York Study Finds Elder Abuse More Common Than Originally Thought (lawprofessors.typepad.com)

Defrauding Elders Grows: Mortgage Fraud and Financial Elder Abuse (defendyourhomefightforeclosure.wordpress.com)

Elder Financial Protection Network’s 8th Annual Call to Action- Actor Mickey Rooney to Discuss Crisis Called “Crime of the 21st Century” (prweb.com)

Man acquitted of assaulting retired priest in CA (cnsnews.com)

Abuse of elders high in India, says survey (thehindu.com)

Illinois protectys its senior citizens (courierpress.com)

Victim Acquitted in Priest Assault   (drudge.com)

Recognizing Signs of Elder Abuse (blogs.lawyers.com)

Elder Abuse (carolynhennecy.com)

Elder abuse affects Latinos disproportionately (eurekalert.org)

Hispanic Elders Have Low Percentage of Reported Elder Abuse (newamericamedia.org)


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